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Land and water. Wildlife and wilderness. With biodiversity, ecosystems thrive. With diverse ecosystems, humans thrive.

Presenting Light & Seed

The first issue of Light & Seed, a reimagined, next-generation print magazine is a capstone to my publishing career, and the result of months of intentional strategy design and implementation.
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Moderating a panel discussion for Farm to Crag

After 23 years of asking questions for a living, I did it live for the first time in a panel highlighting three leaders in the Montana food system.
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"Even though so much has changed, the plan is still helpful."

In 2020, I helped Blue Bean Coffee develop a strategy for growth—their way. Three years later, after the Yellowstone River flood lapped their doorstep, the family-owned roaster has used our plan to source the "most eco-friendly packaging on the planet."
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Nate Powell-Palm organizes USDA Organic Field Day in Gallatin Valley

Nate Powell-Palm has been working to advance organic ag for most of his life, starting with raising his first 4-H steer at age 9. This fall, he brought the US Undersecretary of Ag to Gallatin Valley for a field day.
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Patagonia Founder Yvon Chouinard is in Business to Save the Earth—Not Wall Street

"At Patagonia, we make our important decisions based on wanting to be here 100 years from now." Looking back on a story I wrote for Esquire about Chouinard in 2019.
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Kris Tompkins on rewilding Chile and Argentina

Lessons in vision and leadership from Kris Tompkins, who's protected 13 million acres (and counting). A profile I wrote for Mountain Outlaw in 2019, plus previously unpublished insights on the imperative of changing our agricultural system.
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Strategy workshop: Hannah Featherman and the National Forest Foundation

The process of bringing a purpose, vision, mission and set of values to life can be both messy and magical. If you get the chance, do this work in person.
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Climbing, food and community

Finding connections between food systems, wild adventure and community on a trip from Yosemite to Chattanooga and back home to Montana.
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Podcast interview: Reframing Rural

“Every one of these farms is a business and a family and a community and an ecosystem. And it's so complex to look at all of those pieces, and it's so necessary. We're not just one giant industrial machine that produces food for the world.”
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The wisdom of children

My daughter's "caring for the Earth" list
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Strategy design: the National Forest Foundation's magazine

By listening deeply and weaving in ideas from a broad team, we created group alignment behind what will ultimately become an entirely new publication.
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Fuel, Oxygen and Heat

While reporting this story in 2018, I learned a basic premise that I operate under now: By focusing on inclusion, you broaden the diversity of perspectives and knowledge among teams and leaders, which is key to our future on this planet.
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Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard predicts food could save the planet

Interviewing Chouinard, combined with the love of gardening and food I inherited from my parents, launched my exploration food and agricultural systems in Montana.
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